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Class 6

Welcome to Class 6


In year 3/4 during the first part of the Autumn term we studied the Ancient Mayan civilisation of Central America.  Children have been given a Learning Log to complete for the end of term (16th Dec).  We have discovered how the Mayan society was organised and how they had a sophisticated writing system, plus three different calendars.


In Science, we studied Teeth and Digestion.  We did an investigation into which drinks were bad for our teeth by soaking eggshell in different liquids.  (Eggshell is similar in structure to tooth enamel.)  We found that vinegar was really bad, but so was fresh orange juice!  Coca-cola stained the eggshell and took the surface off.


In RE, we studied the festival of Diwali, what it means to Hindus, the stories and customs which are associated with it.


Class 7 have been swimming and will continue to do so until February half-term, at which point the Year 4s from Class 6 will have their turn for the rest of the year.  The other classes have been enjoying lots of Outdoor PE, and will continue to need warm clothing as we will be outdoors if at all possible.


Lots of Literacy and Maths has been going on.  The children are working hard to learn the times tables, with particular emphasis on 3x, 4x and 8x this year.  Please can parents help them to practise.


Reading continues to be very important: all children should be reading at home to an adult at least 4 times a week.  They won't get more fluent without practice so, please help your child as much as you can.


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